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Quote board


Here are some uplifting quotes from

"A Course in Miracles"



I am so grateful for the Friend who is with me day and night.

May I turn to you for Guidance always

To undo what is not real

To take me Home!



May I know the radiance of my brothers and sisters so that I may know my own.



God is love!



The practice of forgiveness is inner peace.



It's not what it seems!  I need the Guidance of the Holy Spirit to undo what I have made?



May I connect more and more with the perfection that is in me and you.



This quote can apply any time but can be especially for Christmas when we socialise more and have more opportunities for practising forgiveness.



We can rejoice that Heaven is our Home. In Truth, we have never left our Home, we are only dreaming that we have separated from God and forgot about our Home while hiding in this world of the ego.



I place my faith in the Love of God and His Guidance to return to my sanity.



May I only let the Voice of God be my Guide.



Let us remember that this world is not the reality that we perceive!



Let us be glad that we remain as God created us:

Holy, Innocent and Perfect!