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“The abilities you possess are shadows of your real strength”

Spiritual Counselling

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Marie Bloomfield registered psychologist, available for spiritual counselling.

You can book for a session at our office in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast or online (Skype or Facetime).

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Marie Bloomfield will aim to help you access your own inner Guidance to enable you to transform your life for the better. As a registered clinical psychologist, she will use her professional training in cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness to assist you to manage anxiety, depression, grief, pain and other difficulties. But in addition, she will bring a higher dimension to promote a deeper spiritual healing.

Marie has a very open spiritual mind.  She grew up as a Christian, but being a seeker, she also has developed extensive practices in Buddhist Psychology and “A Course in Miracles” which had a profound impact on her own life. She will guide you to find your own spiritual connections to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life whatever is your spiritual inclinations.

During the session, there will be a focus on understandings from a psychological as well as spiritual perspective. The aim is to develop deeper spiritual insights in ways that meet your current views of the world, in accordance with your religious or non-religious belief to overcome challenges.

Everything that comes into being started with a thought. The way we think about ourselves, others and the events in our life causes tangible effects in our circumstances. You can improve your lives, with a little willingness to open to possibilities. You are not alone.

Who is Spiritual Counselling for?

It is for you who may feel confused, lost and overwhelmed. It is for those who seek a higher meaning in their struggles.  It is for those who may be finding themselves into all sorts of difficult situations such as: experiencing conflicts, losing a loved one, going through a painful divorce, re-living traumatic events,  or suffering from an illness. Whatever situation you are encountering where you feel you need some help and support.

You may wish not to burden your friends and family with your problems. You may feel uneasy with their judgments or well-meaning advice. You may wish to discuss your personal concerns privately, with a professional, knowing that everything you are going to talk about is private and strictly confidential.  

What is Spiritual Counselling approach?

Marie will listen to you and support you in whichever way you wish to be supported and grow. We will make room for “all” that you are, including your spiritual outlook (whatever it is) so you can talk about yourself and your life in a more meaningful way, feeling safe and secure in a private and non-judgmental setting.

Spiritual growth often means finding a way to open to a Self that is more forgiving, compassionate and loving to make our lives richer and fuller. We grow in gratitude and meaning, forever, strengthening our connections with our higher guidance, re-connecting with our higher Reality.

What paralyzes life is lack of faith and lack of audacity. The difficulty lies not in solving problems but expressing them.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

You are not alone in your experience!  We all struggle at times. As human beings, we all make mistakes. We are perfectly imperfect!  You have an inner Friend and Marie wants to help you to align yourself with your inner higher guidance to promote inner resilience, well being and better relationships.

You can open your life to miracles as you open to the Reality of your true Self. Life is a quest for self-discovery. You can connect more accurately with your inner divine wisdom. Challenges can be seen as a way to grow, to transform. Accessing your spiritual Self, empowers you to embrace the whole of yourself,  working with your body, emotions, mind and spirit.


We will help you to

  •  find clarity, inner strength and wisdom; hearing more clearly your Higher Guidance, the wise compassionate inner voice that is within to guide you to a better life.
  • believe in yourself by becoming aware of yourself as unlimited potential
  • have a greater sense of control in your life.
  • become more aware, present and conscious, less in auto-pilot mode.
  • improve your relationships with yourself and others, to live with greater harmony
  • live a meaningful and fulfilling life: setting goals and committing yourselves to what you value
  • develop gratitude and self-appreciation
  • create more peace, love and joy in your life
The truth is, indeed, that love is the threshold of another universe. Beyond the vibrations with which we are familiar, the rainbow-like range of its colours is still in full growth.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin