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“Healing is to connect with the Inner Loving Presence"

Spiritual Counselling/Psychology


Who is Spiritual Counselling/Psychology for?

It is for you, who may feel alone, confused and at times overwhelmed.  

You may be going through some difficult situations, experiencing a great deal of anxiety, depression or some other mental health issues. Sometimes those challenges create a spiritual crisis. Talking to someone about it can help to understand and gain perspective and wisdom.

You may wish not to burden your friends and family with your problems.  Sometimes it is easier to discuss your personal concerns privately, with a professional, knowing that everything you are going to talk about is private and confidential.

It is important to realise that spiritual counselling/psychology is not about advocating any particular religion or spiritual approach. The aim is to support you in what you already believe and to use your spiritual views to strengthen you, to enable you to find better ways of coping.

What is the approach in Spiritual Counselling/Psychology?

Our psychologist will listen and support you in ways that resonates with you. She will make room for “all” that you are, including your spiritual outlook (whatever it is) so you can talk about yourself and your life in a way that is relevant for you, feeling safe and accepted.

You are not alone in your experience!  We all struggle at times. Our psychologist can assist you in aligning yourself with your own inner wisdom to promote resilience, well-being and better relationships.

Our psychologist can help you to:

  • find more calm and balance spiritually and psychologically
  • find clarity, inner strength and wisdom
  • believe in yourself and your life's purpose
  • have a greater sense of control and guidance in your life.
  • improve your relationships and live with greater harmony
  • undercover the power of your thoughts and mind
  • develop connection, gratitude and self-appreciation
  • create the life you want with more peace, love and joy
Marie Bloomfield is a registered psychologist and Medicare provider in the Gold Coast.  She can help you to manage anxiety, depression, grief, pain, relationships and other difficulties combining psychology and spirituality in a way that resonates with you.

Marie has a very open spiritual mind.  She grew up as a Christian, but being a spiritual seeker, she also has developed extensive practices in Buddhist Psychology and “A Course in Miracles” which has had a profound impact on her own life. She will guide you to overcome your challenges, to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life using a holistic approach.

During the session, there will be a focus on understandings from a psychological as well as spiritual perspective. The aim is to develop deeper insights in ways that meet your current views of the world, in accordance with your spiritual beliefs to overcome difficulties.

We offer session face to face, at our office in the Gold Coast or Online using Skype or Facetime anywhere in Australia.

We are committed to providing a service which is caring, compassionate and effective.


Payment and fees

Appointments times: weekdays from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm

Session rate: $160.00 for a one hour sessions. Bulk-billing is also available for selected clients.

For face to face sessions payment is required at the end of each consultation.  For Skype or Facetime sessions payments is requested prior to the session. We request that the payment is made via direct bank deposit or through Square. We also accept credit cards.


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