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The light is within you

What is spiritual psychology?


Spirituality is gradually being accepted as being an integral part of human psychology, essential for our physical and mental health. Psychology today recognises that it is important to incorporate the spiritual dimensions of our existence in the scientific study of human beings.

Spiritual psychology also referred to as transpersonal psychology, is a school of psychology that seeks to integrate the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience within the framework of modern psychology.  Transpersonal is used to define the experience where the sense of identity or self extends beyond what we think we are as individuals, to include a wider aspect of our human life, psyche or consciousness. It attempts to look into what is beyond the conventional understanding of the person. The mind-body connection is recognised as well as the higher states of consciousness.

Spiritual psychology attempts to describe and integrate spiritual experiences within the modern psychological models and to formulate new theories to encompass such experiences. A psycho-spiritual approach to therapy provides a holistic understanding of the human condition to promote growth, wellbeing and resilience. There is been some recent research on spiritual development and mindfulness which provides us with practical models, techniques and exercises to assist in the management of anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger, addiction and other mental health issues.

Spiritual psychology relates to a variety of subjective experiences such as;
•    core values and meanings by which we live
•    quest for an ultimate Truth
•    religious, esoteric, psychic or para-normal experiences
•    awakening to one's own inner divinity.
•    subjective experience of a sacred mystical nature
•    belief in a supernatural (beyond the known and observable) realm
•    meditation and mindfulness
•    sense of oneness, interdependence and interconnectedness,
•    reaching our highest potential through the power of our mind.

There are many old and new traditions of spiritual wisdom that include psychological understanding such as Buddhism, Sufism, Kabbalah, Christian and Hinduism as well as “A Course in Miracles”, which have much to offer to our Contemporary Western Psychology. These traditions have contributed to the field of psychology today in developing a collective conscious awareness.
Spiritual psychology as a holistic understanding of human being incorporates mind, body and consciousness or soul supporting the belief that we are spiritual beings, living a human life that extends beyond what we see physically with our eyes. It recognises the importance of integrating spiritual as well as physical and mental realities, that spirituality is but one part of the whole.

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