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"I will be still an instant and go Home"

Spiritual Meditations

We are invited to listen to the following free spiritual meditations to invite your inner Guidance and a sense of Oneness with your Higher Source.

 In some meditations, we use a general spiritual language (GL) allowing you to use words that are familiar and comfortable for you. In the other meditations, the language is more specific to "A Course in Miracles" (ACIM) and is more Christian based.

If you wish to listen to additional free mindfulness meditations and mindful self-compassion meditations, you are most welcome to visit our other websites: Bloomfield Psychology and Mindful path

The aim of the meditations is to stabilise the mind, to promote awareness and openness to the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In each of the following spiritual meditation, we have introduced some quotes from A Course in Miracle to reinforce intentions and strengthen our willingness to follow the inner Guidance.

I will be still and go home GL (26 min)

In this spiritual meditation we use a general spiritual language to invite you to use your own. We will first relax, focus on our breath, quiet our mind. We will rest in our intention to open to our Higher Guidance, to visualise a white light, to promote a sense of going Home to our Source, to Love, Peace and Oneness.

I will be still a moment and go Home ACIM (28min)

In this spiritual meditation we use a language that is specific to A Course in Miracles. We will first relax the body, focus the mind and then ask for the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. As we do so, we imagine a beautiful white light, as a way to go Home to be One with our loved one and God. This is a modified version of a meditation presented by Gary Renard as an "original form of true prayer", from the audiobook "Secrets of the Immortal"- Sound True.